Canada Post Sucks

I received a couple packages this week, and one of them had a fair bit of water damage along one edge. I don’t mean discoloured-and-wrinkled either; it was still fairly damp and easily tearable when I took it out of the mailbox. The mailbox itself is inside, so I’m not sure if water got in the drop-box, or delivery van, or sorting centre, or what.

Fortunately it’s the first time it’s ever happened, but too bad it had to be to someone else’s artwork originals… At least they seem to be mostly repairable by reflattening them under a stack of books.

The other package only suffered bent corners, but it seems that happens to nearly everything that gets mailed, no matter how well it’s protected.

7 thoughts on “Canada Post Sucks”

  1. I must agree. Canada Post SUX!!!
    Just found out that two packages i was expecting to receive were sent back to the senders.
    Apparently, the delivery person didn’t even bother to deliver the items or leave a notice to pick them up.
    I’m really upset, because those items were from my business clients. They must think that the packages were returned, because I didn’t care to pick them up!!!
    This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
    Don’t trust Canada Post. They’re lazy and certainly don’t do their jobs right.

  2. Paid for the XpressPost and expected to arrive in 3 days. But never did…they said they attempted to deliver the items, but I never got anyone ringing my bell!!!!

    What a bunch of crap.

    I hate Canada Post…. They suck like hell. Hell would have done a better job than them….sleazy, lazy, bastards.

  3. Oh ya…bunch of clowns
    I ordered something in T.O. (4 hour drive away) last Thursday and today (Friday, a week and a day later)its been tracked to Edmonton as of this past Tuesday. No one there can tell me more. The shipper has put a trace on it and I wait.
    No wonder Fedex,Purolator,UPS, etc…are all flourishing, wonder why
    Abolish Canada Post (snail mail is dead!!!)

  4. Some tracking system, Canada Post couldn’t track a bleeding dog in fresh snow. They look for excuses why they can’t deliver the mail, while Fedex, DHL and other private couriers look for solutions as for how they can deliver more.

  5. I had a laser printer shipped with Future Shop’s “free shipping” option, meaning Canada Post ground. The delivery was to my office, which is on the 3rd floor (there’s nothing on the 2nd — you just must take 2 flights of stairs to reception). The Canada Post delivery person went up the first flight, then bailed out. Apparently they are “not obliged” to ascend more than one flight of stairs. I was at my desk not 50 feet away from reception, yet it is somehow easier for them to cart the parcel away again, drive it to a retail outlet, and send me a delivery notification card. Hooray!

    Furthermore, Canada Post has the most useless “customer service” I have ever experienced. When I attempted to get them to explain what was going on with my package, they simply went to the website and used the public tracking interface that I had already used (and which told me, and them, nothing helpful). After this point their attitude was simply “oh well, hope it shows up tomorrow!”

    I guess this is what happens when you combine a crown corporation with a strong union.

  6. Two bad experiences with Xpresspost over the last few months. Camera lens purchased in US went missing when it arrived at Canada Post. They had no idea where it went. Luckily the store sent another – not sure if they ever got reimbursed or if the lens turned up. Now, two weeks ago, sent a lenst to Montreal from Newfoundland for calibration. Xpresspost with signature and insurance. Only one entry on tracking “accepted at post office”. Filed a late delivery notice. Will file a lost notices in two days. When I called customer service they explained to me that they actually don’t track parecels. Just record some of the major events. Consequently, the can’t tell you anything. Be warned, don’t used Canada Post Xpresspost!!!

  7. canada post and Purolator (owned by Canada Post) shall be avoided as much as possible at any cost.
    I bought a modem and I was bearing the price of expedition by Purolator in the total price.
    Puro was “supposed” to deliver the following day and I waited the entire day at home to be sure to receive the parcel.
    They never showed up. And it’s not the first time it happened. Toshiba also ship through these assholes.
    When I call puro, they always say “we delivered but you were not there” but that’s just an excuse to force us to go pick it up ourselves at the Purolator store 2 days after.
    In the end, the time it takes to get the parcel is as long than with regular mail. I recommend Fedex, they don’t suck. You pay but the job is done.

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